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And we're back

Alright then. Let's catch up.

Craig Wilson is a real possibility, as talks have advanced on that front. Wilson would likely be a platoon guy against lefties, which would be great since he crushes them, giving Gibbons or Patterson the chance to sit those games out, which would be great since they suck against lefties, particularly Patterson (.560 OPS in '06, .629 career).

The Yankees are looking to deal Randy Johnson, and the Diamondbacks are interested in having him return to Arizona. This makes a lot of sense, as Johnson is 43 years old and sucked last season. It wasn't "a bad year for Randy Johnson," it was a bad year, period. It was his worst season since 1989, and nearly the worst of his career.

The Angels signed Shea Hillenbrand to a one-year, $6.5 million deal. This comes after Juan Rivera broke his leg playing winter ball.

Over at the Griffey residence, Ken Jr. broke his hand. I kid you not.

The White Sox and Rangers completed a five-player trade, with RHP Brandon McCarthy and 18-year old OF David Paisano (I kid you not) going to Texas, and LHP John Danks and RHPs Nick Masset and Jacob Rasner. McCarthy will immediately enter the Rangers rotation. I like him and was hoping the O's could have figured out a way to deal for him over the last couple of years, but again, the genius Rangers out-think us all.