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Cardinals in the running for Bonds

And why am I not surprised?

After all, Tony La Russa is the guy that looked away on McGwire, Canseco and who knows who else. How has La Russa escaped heat considering his two biggest stars in Oakland are basically the poster children for this whole mess? Plus he still continues to defend McGwire, which is just a lost cause, for better or worse.

If you're going to judge the players for what they've done, and God knows everyone has, then you have to also look at management of teams, which has gotten a total free pass. It's players this, shame on Bud Selig that. What the hell was Selig supposed to do, send Buddy the Anti-Doping Dinosaur to every clubhouse for a performance?

Look, I don't disagree with the philosophy that says, "Screw it, Bonds can still hit," and really I don't care what La Russa has or hasn't done about anything. But if Tony La Russa weren't a deity of a manager to sportswriters, would he get off so easily in all this? Just because he likes David Eckstein and Walt Weiss.