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Heaven on earth

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported something that may very well make my day.

Barry Bonds is returning to San Franscisco, of course, and they might be in the mix for Barry Zito now, although I'm not sure how they'd swing that salary given how tight the Giants have been with money that Bonds doesn't get over the years.

No, what I care about is the possibility of seeing Barry Bonds and David Wells on the same team next spring. If you were looking for two people on earth that the odds are greatest against them ever possibly getting along, I think Bonds and David Wells ranks right up there with a freshman frat boy at Ohio State and a senior women's studies major at Michigan. It's Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. It's Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer. It's Ty Cobb and most human beings that Ty Cobb came into contact with.

In favor of the move is that Bochy and Wells have a good relationship, and Wells is the type of guy that despite being a teensy bit out of shape, could probably pitch as long as he wants to, throwing junk and frustrating hitters for six innings.