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Community Projection Results: Roddy and Matos


My line: 30 GS, 186 IP, 4.33 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, 107 K, 24 HR

The community line (my projection included):

    GS       IP    ERA   WHIP    K    HR
    31   193   3.97   1.29   126   23

I'm not big on Lopez, even with whatever help Mazzone can give him. Even so, I am projecting a better year than he had in 2005, and that's probably because of Mazzone. I could see Rodrigo really flaming out or really bouncing back well. So I went somewhere in the middle.


My line: 310 AB, .254/.307/.371, 2 HR, 7/4 SB/CS, 13/35 BB/K

The community line (my projection included):

     AB    AVG       OBP    SLG   HR   SB/CS    BB/K
    329   .272   .329   .405    6    14/6   20/52

I don't know whether I think Luis just won't play a lot or will get injured. Whatever the case, I don't see Matos as the type of guy that will benefit from having competition but more as the type of guy that will sulk as a result of it, which is why my projection is low. He could (should, frankly) easily surpass my projection, and could easily beat the community line. But the vast majority of Matos' career thus far is could and should and not much did. So we'll see.