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And so it begins

Camp opened today for the O's. Javy Lopez is already jawing about how he hates DHing, doesn't want to learn to play first base, and clearly still wants to be traded.

Elsewhere, Sosa turned down the offer the Expos made him, and the Angels signed Jeff Weaver to a one-year, $8.4 million contract to round out their rotation. There's an additional $600K in performance bonuses.

Also, for more proof that some people really just need a beard, see Jorge Posada, who still isn't a very good-looking guy, but looks far better when he's got something giving his face some type of human shape to it.

On a personal sidenote, since there's been some WBC talk today, I'm really not that excited about the whole thing. For one, the constrictive rules make it seem like a complete and total exhibition that means absolutely nothing to anyone, which very well may be true to everyone except maybe the Cubans, who aren't loaded with major leaguers. The great thing about the World Cup or Olympic hockey or whatever is that you're taking the best players and they play like they care. The WBC just seems flat so far, like a big little league tournament with a bunch of overbearing dads in the form of major league team owners. And since these dads are paying their sons millions upon millions of dollars to do something else, no wonder they're a little sketchy about the whole thing.

And I'm sorry, I love America, it's a wonderful country and my home and all, but I cannot root for Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. I just can't see myself in the eighth inning of a tight game, shouting, "Come on, Jeter!" or "Let's go, A-Rod!" Not happening.