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Ainsworth lands with Dodgers

Kurt Ainsworth has been given an NRI to Dodgers spring training. I'll root for him to make their team, and probably for the rest of his career. He seems like a good dude.

And if you ever wondered, "If the Yankees stopped giving him contracts, would Ruben Sierra even be playing," you have that question answered now, and the answer is yes. The Twins have given Sierra a minor league deal. As many weak bats as they had last year, Sierra wouldn't be a bad idea to have around as a longball threat off the bench, plus he'd be insurance for RonDL White.

Tim Hudson (USA), Andy Pettitte (USA) and Robinson Cano (Dominican Republic) are skipping the WBC.

The latest Jeff Weaver news I've seen anywhere is that if the Indians can trade Jake Westbrook to Cincinnati for Austin Kearns, they may sign Weaver to a one-year deal, basically the Millwood gameplan on both sides from last season.

Everything's kind of slow lately, as Weaver and maybe a couple deals are waiting until spring training to start it would seem. We're a month away from the first O's game of the calendar year. Bring it Marlins!