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Bonds to retire, then to not

Barry Bonds is like the bad guy in a movie you're supposed to hate but he has all the best dialogue and he's clearly a bad dude, so it's hard for me to get down on him.

Bonds said he was going to retire after this season, but now has backed off of that. It's pretty typical Barry, and I think the problem he has with this (if you want to consider it a problem) is that he just speaks and doesn't really consider whether or not his mind will change in two hours. It's always fun.

But this line got me:

Bonds told the newspaper he is taking pain pills and sleeping pills.

"I don't have a choice. I can't even run that much anymore. How can I run? I don't have any cartilage in that knee. I'm bone on bone," he said. "But I can still hit. I can rake. I can hit a baseball."

He ain't lyin'.