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Beyond the Box Score looks at the Orioles lineup

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Marc Normandin at Beyond the Box Score has some statistical analysis of the 2005 lineup v. the potential 2006 lineup posted. It's a good piece, and the projections call for the Orioles to be better offensively than they were last season.

If I had to guess at what the 2006 lineup will be, I'd wager:

  1. 2B B Roberts
  2. 3B M Mora
  3. SS M Tejada
  4. RF J Gibbons
  5. DH J Lopez
  6. C  R Hernandez
  7. 1B K Millar/J Conine
  8. LF C Patterson/J Conine
  9. CF L Matos/C Patterson
There's that whole three positions for four guys thing with Matos, Millar, Conine and Patterson, but that'll be worked out.