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Beyond the Box Score looks at the Orioles lineup

Marc Normandin at Beyond the Box Score has some statistical analysis of the 2005 lineup v. the potential 2006 lineup posted. It's a good piece, and the projections call for the Orioles to be better offensively than they were last season.

If I had to guess at what the 2006 lineup will be, I'd wager:

  1. 2B B Roberts
  2. 3B M Mora
  3. SS M Tejada
  4. RF J Gibbons
  5. DH J Lopez
  6. C  R Hernandez
  7. 1B K Millar/J Conine
  8. LF C Patterson/J Conine
  9. CF L Matos/C Patterson
There's that whole three positions for four guys thing with Matos, Millar, Conine and Patterson, but that'll be worked out.