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News on Mora, Matos, Markakis and Rakers

Aaron Rakers has a slap lesion tear of his right labrum that might keep him out for the season. That really sucks, because I thought he'd be a tremendous set-up man and maybe even able to close if anything happened with Ray.

The Orioles and Melvin Mora are still trying to hammer out an extension and hope to have it done by the time the team heads north from Fort Lauderdale. Mora wants to stay, the Orioles want to keep him, and they've been talking for about a month.

Nick Markakis has been "a monster" in spring batting practices.

Perlozzo and Crowley both say they aren't looking for more power out of Luis Matos, though obviously they agree it would be nice. Which it would be. Matos is under the impression the team wants more homers from him, which could really screw him up.