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Mora out of WBC after being asked to play CF

Source: AP (via Yahoo)

In short: Melvin Mora was asked to play center field in favor of Miguel Cabrera at third base, and declined.

"I cannot go to that competition to try to play something I don't know how to play. I mean, I know how to play that, but it's a long time I don't play center field. I'm a third baseman. I cannot do that."

"If it was Edgardo Alfonzo playing third base, I keep my mouth quiet. I respect Edgardo. I (am not saying) that I don't respect Miguel Cabrera, but I respect Edgardo because he's played a long time more than me as a third baseman. He deserves to play that position before me."

Interesting way to look at it, I guess. I'm fine with him not playing because I couldn't care less about the WBC at this point other than seeing some baseball games, but to be fair, if I have a situation with Melvin Mora and Miguel Cabrera, I think I'll ask Mora to play center too. He's done it before.

He didn't rule out playing if he's slotted at third base, but that would seem unlikely.