Matos signs; Javy agrees to stay.

Two items from the Sun in the past two days...

Javy's agent has rescinded his trade demand. Perhaps wanting to take a gentler approach, Chuck Berry said, ""We've had several additional discussions this week with the Orioles, and we have withdrawn our trade demand. We have decided that Javy will go to spring training with the Orioles."

Furthermore, he signaled Javy's willingness to play first:

Berry said last week that some security from the organization, in the form of a contract extension, would make the transition less daunting.

However, Orioles officials have told Berry that they want to gauge how well Lopez progresses at first base before talking about an extension.

"They want to see and make sure he is comfortable playing first base, and he has very little doubt about being able to do that," Berry said. "Javy's first and his strong choice is to remain with the Orioles. He'd like to do that beyond this season, and we'd like to give it every opportunity to work. We feel by withdrawing that trade demand, it will give it more of an opportunity for the negotiations to be successful."

In other news, the Os avoided arbitration with Luis Matos by signing him to a one-year contract today.

The deal pays him $1.6M, and has an additional $150k in incentive clauses. Matos, who hit .280 with four homers and 32 RBIs in 121 games last season, had asked for $2M in arbitration. The Os had countered with $1.3M.

After locking up Matos, the only two Orioles remaining in arbitration are Roderigo Lopez and Brian Roberts.

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