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No facial hair for Marlins, No Nomar in WBC, Molina probably to TOR

Joe Girardi has outlawed any and all facial hair. Even the Yankees are allowed "neatly-trimmed moustaches."

"I want players to look neat and responsible," Girardi said at a media luncheon Monday. "Maybe it's old school. But it's kind of neat when people are always clean, and I like it."

We've discussed this rule before since the O's are another team that have been without facial hair since Mazzilli took over with his Yankee upbringing, and Perlozzo kept it in place. I truly hate it.

Nomar has decided to not play in the WBC, and Coco Crisp and Josh Beckett avoided arbitration with the Red Sox.

Bengie Molina is close to a one-year deal with the Blue Jays. For a guy that ended up batting cleanup for a playoff team last season, he sure ended up coming out short in free agency. It'd be worth $5 million. Molina hit .295/.336/.446 with 15 homers last year for the Angels and has a good rep (I believe, anyway) as a defensive catcher. It was his best season and he attracted very little attention, which was surprising to me.