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Japan beat Cuba tonight in the WBC championship, 10-6. Poorly played game, but it happens. The WBC has to be considered a success for international baseball, and hopefully next time out we'll see more countries represented, and it will just grow and grow from there. And I think that's what'll happen.

I also expect more teams to come out next time like it's the World Series, in particular the Americans, but also the Dominicans, Venzuelans, Puerto Ricans, everyone. I don't think we'll see nearly as many star players back out in the future. The tournament was already better than I expected it to be, and it should only get better in the future.

So that's that, and Japan can claim they're the best in the world. They aren't, but hey, no one else won.

I will say this: The Japanese submarine pitcher whose name I do not recall (any help?) has some sick movement on his pitches.