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Brian Bob is back, Roddy Lopez to start opener

Brian Roberts is back in the game, going 0-for-3 and hitting the ball hard every time in his first action since September against the Yankees. Damned Bubba Crosby.

The plan for now is to play Roberts two games, then give him a day off, all the way until the opener against the D-Rays. Barring setbacks, expect Brian Bob to be the first Orioles hitter of the season.

Speaking of the opener, Rodrigo Lopez was named the starter for Opening Day. If you want to get into "deserve" by last year's numbers, it should be Chen. But who cares, really? Rodrigo Lopez is a good dude and has seniority in the rotation. I expect Lopez, Bedard, Cabrera, Chen, Benson to alternate the righties and lefties.

In other news, Juan Gonzalez no-showed what was supposed to be his first day with the Red Sox. Speculation is he learned of the Wily Mo Pena deal and decided he won't be sticking with the team. What a pro.