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Javy, Bigbie, Boston grabs Choi

Javy Lopez is hitting .174 with two RBI and one extra-base hit this spring. He says it's because he's focused so much on learning first base. I'll try to be nice about Javy until June if he comes out slow. Even though he doesn't want to play first base, I've gotten the impression that he's really trying.

Former Oriole and current Cardinal Larry Bigbie has a stress fracture in his foot and will miss Opening Day. He was to be St. Louis' starting left fielder.

Hee Seop Choi is now with the Red Sox, claimed off waivers from the Dodgers. Choi does have options left, so he could start the season with Pawtucket. Mike Lowell is the real question here. He's been bad this spring, and Boston isn't the Marlins, so they won't just run him out there every day because he's expensive. If he sucks, they'll put Youkilis back at third and probably start Choi at first. They have J.T. Snow, but I don't think they intend on starting Snow unless absolutely necessary.

They have a lot of depth to deal with injuries. I think people are talking too much about how much the Red Sox have changed and ignoring that they are going to be pretty good at the worst.

Mariners center fielder Jeremy Reed broke his wrist and could be out six weeks.