Markakis Seems Set to Play LF

The team hasn't released anything yet, but I've been really watching this develop and my gut instinct is he'll be playing LF on Opening Day. Why do I think so? The team and most sports-writers (on and in the Baltimore Sun) keep suggesting he will, and also suggesting that the team will only carry two catchers; Gil got placed on waivers; The Depth Chart got reorganized yesterday, removing Kevin Millar from LF and making him our F/T DH.

With Millar no longer listed at LF, the Depth Chart shows Conine as the starter... I have trouble believing that for two reasons: (1) Markakis has outplayed Conine in Spring Training, and (2) If Conine gets too many at-bats the team has to keep him next year and find something to do with him. By next year Conine will make a better coach than player, and the FO knows it. He won't be the everyday starter.

So, again, I think Markakis is a lock to make the Opening Day roster and that the FO is just holding out for a big announcement later this week.


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