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With just over 100 votes in...

(106 to be exact as I make this entry)

30% (32 voters) expect the Orioles to win between 80 and 84 games this year.

25% (27 voters) expect the Orioles to win between 85 and 89 games this year.

5% (6 voters) expect the Orioles to win between 90 and 94 games this year.

3% (4 voters) have lost their minds and expect the Orioles to win 100 or more games.

That means 63% of the voters -- or close to that since I can't calculate how many of you expect them to top out right at 80 -- expect the Orioles to end the big streak and break .500.

19% have them at 75-79, 11% at 70-74, 1% at 65-69 and 1% at 64 or less.

I didn't vote, because I'm just not sure at all. I'm anxious for this season. Last year was such a ridiculous roller coaster, with huge lows but also some things that make you think there is good stuff in the near future (Roberts, Bedard, Cabrera, etc.) that I can't help but be excited.

Plus, hell, it's baseball season. If the Orioles were sending out inarguably the worst team in the history of the planet I'd be pumped.

I can see this team winning some games if things go right. If the Yankees don't manage to claw past injuries and age like they did last season, the Red Sox don't mesh and the Blue Jays turn in a Mets-like disaster of a season (which I don't think is out of the question at all), the Orioles could contend. It's dependent on a lot of other stuff, sure, but why not be an optimist right now, even if in a pessimistic manner?

What I'm really excited about for this season are the following things:

  1. Daniel Cabrera. I haven't been as excited about an Orioles pitcher in a long time. I'm not totally nuts or anything, I don't expect he's going to just dominate all year, but man, he's still young and he's got some nasty stuff.
  2. Brian Roberts. He captured our hearts and minds early last season, and I want him to prove that it wasn't a total fluke.
  3. Leo Mazzone. Let's see what he can do with Cabrera and Bedard, and maybe even what he can get out of veterans like Lopez and Benson.
  4. Bruce Chen. Bruce Chen is my mainest man. Like Roberts, I am really hoping he has another good season.
  5. Chris Ray. I like Ray a lot. Simple as that.
  6. Nick Markakis. Hey, let's see what he's got. What good does seeing what Conine has left do us?
So those are my big six, but obviously I'll be happy to see Miggy and Melvin patrol the left side of the infield again, Ramon Hernandez behind the plate, Javy Lopez's Adventures in First Base Land (with silly sidekick Kevin Millar), no Sidney Ponson or Sammy Sosa or Rafael Palmeiro, and more more more.

Nice spring breeze here today. Still a slight chill, but the grass is getting green and the sun's out, and I'm ready to hear bats cracking.