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Site note

I am going to be out of town from April 4 through April 11, so you'll all have to just try to survive for a week without any Camden Chat. Who cares about the opening week of the season, anyway!

(I'm kidding.)

Camden Chat will be updated that week, as longtime contributor Zachary Knower (zknower) will take over in my absence.

I will be here for Opening Day on Monday, with the O's and D-Rays taking the field at 3:05, so my Monday schedule is as follows:

  1. Pack
  2. Watch the game
  3. Rush out to buy some last-minute stuff
  4. Go out to eat
  5. Kill time until leaving for the airport insanely early in the morning (we're talking like 2am-ish here)
Since I'm going to be in the area, I tried to get tickets to the O's/Rays game in St. Pete on April 10th (the Rays home opener), but it didn't work out for me. I was kind of looking forward to seeing if that stadium would make me fall asleep in person.

Anyway, I didn't know how much I'd update this weekend, so I thought I'd get this out of the way now. Not that I think anyone will cause problems, but do behave while I'm gone. We've never really established any "rules" here (and honestly, I'm thankful that we've never really had to), but you all kind of get what can and cannot be said by now I'm sure.

And hey, help Zachary out for that week by pitching in diaries and game comments and what have you. Actually, do that all the time!

Also, SB Nation has finally completed the baseball family at least as far as team sites go, with True Blue LA opening up for the Dodgers.