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This is a hell of a game. Cuba went up 6-4 on a two-run homer by Gourriel (I think that's right) in the top of the ninth, and now the Panamaniacs have the bases loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth. So if you're missing this one and can tune in, I'd recommend it.

Edit: 6-5 now, 1 out, bases still loaded. Olmedo Saenz just hit an RBI bloop single and now Carlos Lee is up. This is a lot of fun.

Edit 2: Maya just whiffed Lee on three pitches. Down to the final hitter, which is -- OH HE HIT HIM! HE HIT HIM! TIE GAME!

Edit 3: Going to extras after a tense Ruben Rivera at-bat. This is a game.