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Gameday Thread: Orioles (3-4) at D-Rays (3-4), 7:15pm


 Kris Benson, RH         Jason Hammel, RH
 (0-1, 2.57)       (0-0, 0.00; see his minor league stats here.

Game time: 7:15pm on WB 54 (Baltimore) and PAX (Florida)
Weather: sunny, high 70s
Both teams are 3-4, tied for 3rd, 2-1/2 GB

A brief and early post today as I am (ironically) up in Boston for the afternoon, a few blocks away from the Fenway home opener.

Will we catch a break in facing a rookie pitcher tonight? History tells us that's not always the case. I remember all too well back in 2000 when some no-name named John Parrish came up for the O's and stifled the Yankees lineup in his debut. Facing a rookie should be a bonus, but with no scouting reports, no memory of past ABs, it isn't always the easiest thing for a hitter to do. Look for the O's to get their better cuts at Hammel on the second time through the lineup.

Jason is a big 6-6 right hander who was the D-Ray's Rookie of the Year for 2005. Last Friday he got his first AAA win of the year for Durham, going five innings with 7 Ks and giving up 3 hits.  

Hammel will face Kris Benson, who was more than impressive in his Oriole debut, taking a rough loss against the D-Rays last week in which he yielded only two runs and four hits over seven innings.