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Gameday Thread: Angels at O's, 04/16

John Lackey, RH Kris Benson, RH (1-1, 5.73) (1-1, 1.93)

Game time is 1:35 on CSN and KCOP.

Bedard was sharp yesterday and the Orioles took another one from the Angels, and today we have Kris Benson going and it's...exciting.

I do like John Lackey, partly because he was just as good as Colon last year, really, and partly because he really looks like a a swollen Gary Gaetti.

With three wins in a row, the O's stand at 7-5 and a half-game out of first place, but of course the Yankees are 5-6 and in last. Bahaha, the Yankees are in last. Yankees suck.

I should be able to resume a normal baseball schedule this week, or at least I really hope I can. Enjoy the game today if you stay in for it or head out to it, and Happy Easter!