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Gameday Thread: Angels at O's, 04/17

Jeff Weaver, RH Daniel Cabrera, RH (0-1, 6.57) (0-1, 11.37)

Game time is 7:05 on WNUV and FSN West.

That was some game yesterday. People who say they'll take singles hitters over home run hitters should really ponder that after the Javy Lopez thing yesterday.

Let's find five good things to say about Daniel Cabrera's performance thus far in 2006.

1. Batters only have six hits in 6.1 innings pitched against Cabrera.
2. Same 6.1 innings, he's struck out 11 batters.
3. He has given up zero home runs.
4. His WHIP (3.47) would be a respectable ERA.
5. It's only two starts.

The 6'7" Cabrera faces off against the 6'5" Weaver for a Battle of the Giants that I always like to have with Cabrera on the mound. I figure 6'5" is the cutoff for that. I still want my Cabrera/Unit matchup.

Weaver has been pretty bad his first two starts as an Angel, but still a lot better than Cabrera has been. Bad things just happen when you walk 16 batters in six innings. Weaver's BAA (.346) is much higher than Cabrera's (.261), but his WHIP (1.70) is half of Cabrera's anyway.

Win this one and that's three out of four against the Angels, which ain't bad. The Indians come to town tomorrow and then on Friday we head to Yankee Stadium to take on those last-place losers.