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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 04/25

Rodrigo Lopez, RH Gustavo Chacin, LH (1-1, 7.20) (3-0, 5.60)

Game time is 7:07 on CSN and RSN.

Miguel Tejada was named AL Player of the Week after hitting .536 with three homers and 10 RBI. Brian Roberts was also in the running.

Quick links, since I took my sweet time sidebarring them and want people to notice: Beltway Sports Beat and Roar From 34 are two O's-related blogs that I've just added to the BlogO'sphere section, so check those out. The former is authored by our very own CStoneNo37. If you ever start a blog or site that covers the O's even as a part of many other things, let me know and I'll gladly link you. We're all just doing our part for the same greater good and all that, all rooting for the same 25 guys in orange and black.

As for MY recent contributions here, I don't deny they are lacking. But it's not apathy. I want to thank everyone that has put up a diary or anything of the sort lately. My schedule is preventing me from doing much more with the site than just putting the game threads up, and I'm running some of those a little close as it is. Eventually I'm sure I'll get back to doing what I want to do here, but until then, I appreciate all the help I can get with the diaries, so speak loudly and say what you want to over there. If anything catches your eye, start a diary.

Anyway, there's a game tonight. It's in Canada.

The O's lost the final two to New York but still stand 11-9 as we had into the final week of April's games. Toronto is 9-8.

Lopez, like Chen and Cabrera, has stunk so far. Bedard has been very good and Benson has been about as much as anyone needs to be asking of Kris Benson. With a better pitching staff, and a bullpen that had more than one good pitcher in it, the Orioles might be doing a bang-up job right now instead of the schizophrenic team they've been so far. But that's not the case, so the best we can do is hope a bullpen comes together, which it easily can, and hope that Lopez, Chen and Cabrera turn the corner.

Chacin wears sunglasses.