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Gameday Thread: Mariners at O's, 04/28

Gil Meche, RH Daniel Cabrera, RH (1-1, 5.06) (1-1, 6.87) RF I Suzuki 2B B Roberts 2B J Lopez 3B M Mora LF R Ibanez SS M Tejada 1B R Sexson RF J Gibbons DH C Everett C R Hernandez C K Johjima DH K Millar 3B A Beltre CF C Patterson CF J Reed 1B J Conine SS Y Betancourt LF N Markakis

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and Seattle's KSTW.

The Orioles have dominated the Mariners the last two seasons, going 14-5, and haven't dropped a game to Seattle in Baltimore since April 27, 2004, an eight-game winning streak.

Who's ready for more fun with Danny C?! Cabrera is good in his short career against the Mariners, going 3-0 with a 2.63 ERA, 19 strikeouts and eight walks in four starts.

Meche's career record against the O's is also strong. In nine starts, he's 4-0 with a 3.21 ERA, with 33 strikeouts and 18 walks in 53.1 innings. Every year, Gil Meche might finally be good, and every year he isn't. And he's still just 27. He seems like he's 35.

This was one of my favorite games all season in 2005. I still hate the Mariners a little bit. But then I hate all other teams at least a little bit. Earl was right, there should be bad blood between all clubs.