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Put one in the W column

Opening Day win for the O's, 9-6 over the Devil Rays with four homers, one each from Tejader, Mora, Matos and Niner.

Some notables:

After eight straight losing seasons, it took the Orioles exactly eight minutes into this game to start losing in the top of the first.

Roddy Lopez didn't look very good, but he got help. Over seven innings, he scattered seven hits and gave up six runs, five earned.

Chris Ray got his first major league save.

The lineup was interesting. Roberts on top, Matos in the two-hole, followed by Melvin, Miggy, Gibby, Millar, Conine, Javy and Ramon. I like the top four. I'm not wild about Millar and Conine back-to-back. Reeks of Sosa/Palmeiro last year.

That said, Millar was 2-for-4 with an RBI double in his Oriole debut. Ramon was 3-for-3 with two RBI and a walk.

I love Opening Day, and wins.

Alright, I'm heading out tonight, and Zachary Knower will be taking over from here until next week. Enjoy the opening week!