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Gameday Thread: Rays at O's, Opening Day

You know, I don't know how much I'll be around today, so I wanted to get this up now. Opening Day!

Scott Kazmir, LH Rodrigo Lopez, RH (10-9, 3.77) (15-12, 4.90) SS J Lugo 2B B Roberts LF C Crawford CF L Matos 2B J Cantu 3B M Mora 3B A Huff SS M Tejada DH J Gomes RF J Gibbons 1B T Lee 1B K Millar C T Hall LF J Conine RF D Hollins DH J Lopez CF J Gathright C R Hernandez

Game time is 3:05 on WJZ and FSN Florida.

Rodrigo Lopez led the team in wins (15) and innings pitched (209 1/3) last season, but was really not very good at all. He was also the Opening Day starter last season, and I don't mind him getting the nod again this year. He's got sinroarity.

As for Kazmir, if his arm stays attached and all that, he's going to be a pain as long as he stays in the AL East and not with us. He led the Rays in innings (186), ERA (3.77), and strikeouts (174) last season, and allowed just 12 homers. Against the Orioles last year, kazmir was 2-1 in four starts, with a 3.33 ERA, 1.44 WHIP, and 18 strikeouts in 24 1/3 innings. He also walked 15 batters, and walking Orioles was no easy task last year, plus we were the only team to hit three homers off of him. In fact, only the Red Sox even hit two. (The Royals, Twins, Yankees, A's, Mariners, Rangers and Pirates all hit one, if you're interested.)

It all begins again. Let's go O's!