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Non Game-Day Open Thread

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Continue to post all of your thoughts on yesterday's game. (Lots has already been said in yesterday's thread).

And your views on the sweet smell of baseball in the air again.

Also anything else notable from Opening Day.

Such as the fact that fans were throwing syringes at Barry Bonds. (Source:

Aside from the second-inning double and subsequent run, the most notable thing happened as he was jogging off the field following the bottom of the eighth, when he reached down with his glove and scooped up a large syringe that had been hurled by a fan. Though it was captured by the television cameras, it seemed to go unnoticed by most.

The syringe did not have a needle.

My favorite quote from yesterday is from Billy Beane, on the Yankee's 15-2 stomping of the A's (also Sportsline):

So much for a close game in this matchup of two teams considered postseason contenders. Oakland general manager Billy Beane knew his team was in for a tough time starting the season against the Yankees.

"It's like having calculus first period," Beane said. "You are not real happy when the alarm goes off, but by second period it's already over and you are running off to wood shop."

By "wood shop", Beane must mean Seattle, whom the A's visit for three games after the Yankee series; last year the A's went 12-6 against the M's, who finished the year at 69-93.