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Gameday Thread: Red Sox (2-1) at O's (2-1)


 Matt Clement, RH            Daniel Cabrera, RH
   (13-6, 4.57)                (10-13, 4.52)

Game time is 7:05pm on CSN (Baltimore) and NESN (Boston).

More proof that ERA and wins are not don't correlate that closely. These guys had very comparable numbers last year. Similar ERAs, similar WHIP (1.36 for Clement, 1.43 for Cabrera), similar BBs/K (68/146 and 87/157, respectively). Clement pitched 30 more innings, so that shows Cabrera's a little wilder (ya think?) since both his BBs and Ks are higher. Still, those are very disparate W/L records.

Clement has pretty much owned the O's in his career, going 4-0 against them in 7 starts with a 3.00 ERA. Conversely, Cabrera has pretty much sucked against the Bosox (1-3, 6.95 ERA in 5 starts). But that's the old Cabrera, right?

Should be a fun game. The teams are tied with Toronto for first place in the AL East. We're eager to see how Cabrera has matured. Boston fans are eager to see if Clement has bounced back (he started last year 10-2, but won only three of his final 15 starts). And the Yards will be packed for sure. A great early-season series awaits.

Go O's!

UPDATE: I forgot to give a shout-out to Kris Benson for pitching damn well in his Orioles debut last night. WTG Kris!