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Gameday Thread: Jays at O's, 05/01

Ted Lilly, LH Erik Bedard, LH (2-1, 3.72) (4-1, 3.69) LF R Johnson CF C Patterson RF A Rios 3B M Mora CF V Wells DH M Tejada 3B T Glaus RF J Gibbons C B Molina C R Hernandez DH S Hillenbrand 1B J Conine 1B L Overbay LF N Markakis 2B A Hill 2B C Gomez SS J McDonald SS B Fahey

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and RSN.

This is a short two-game series. Obviously, we're hurting right now. Brian Bob's on the DL, Tejada is achy, Javy and Millar are both day-to-day. But hey, THE TODD is back, so it's not all bad.

Lilly and Bedard faced off last week, with Lilly the winner and Bedard the loser. Bedard can still become the first five-game winner in the AL.