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Good news, gang

We swept the Royals! Now at least we can still say, "Yeah, but I guess we could be the Royals." As you can see, Markakis was so excited that he felt Millar up.

Red Sox come to town tomorrow to wrap up the nine-game home stand, and then the O's head over to that dump of a football stadium for their showdown with the Expos, a new and fierce rivalry that is sure to excite us all. After THAT, an exciting seven-game west coast trip to Seattle (4) and Los Angeles of Anaheim of California (3). All those games at 10:05 eastern except the last one, a ridiculous 3:35 start time on Sunday the 28th. And then back home for a rousing battle with the Devil Rays!

Brian Roberts was maybe going to be back tomorrow, but they're holding off until Friday, assumedly because the Red Sox are untrustworthy and might send Will "Emo" Pena out there as some sort of assassin.