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Gameday Thread: Red Sox at O's, 05/15

Josh Beckett, RH Rodrigo Lopez, RH (4-1, 4.70) (1-5, 7.03)

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and ESPN and I would guess probably NESN but I'm not looking it up.

Y'know, if we sweep this series, we're over .500. Huh? Who's buying that one? Who's on board?

Josh Beckett started his Red Sox career with three great starts and is 1-1 in four starts since then, with his ERA going from 1.29 to 4.70. That's not bad, but it's certainly not all that good. Then again, he was still a bargain in that market, and Mike Lowell is hitting .325 with 19 doubles and his usual stellar defense, so even with Hanley Ramirez playing really well for the Marlins, what the hell ever, I guess.

Rodrigo Lopez still hasn't won since April 3 and...he sucks. The lowest post-game ERA Lopez has had this season was 5.66, on April 14. He sucks, OK? He sucks. I keep saying, "Maybe today he can get in a groove," but his problem, I believe, is that he's not very good. I'm way off the Rodrigo Lopez train, which started officially last year and has been cemented through his first eight starts this season.

To counter Beckett, we have Rodrigo Lopez. To counter Schilling tomorrow, it's Chen and his 8+ ERA. And to wrap it up, Bedard against Wakefield. Wakefield is much better, and Bedard is about as good as we can offer.

This is why we don't win very often against good teams.

But all that logic aside, let's kick these schmucks in the groin, because I'm well tired of losing to them this year.