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Gameday Thread: O's at Expos, 05/19

Kris Benson, RH Mike O'Connor, LH (5-3, 4.38) (2-1, 2.86)

Game time is 7:05 on WNUV and WDCA.

So, this is it. After years and years of bitching, Peter Angelos has to watch his team head over to RFK Stadium to take on the dreaded DC baseball organization, the Expos.

The Expos.

The Expos.

I'm supposed to be afraid of the Expos? C'mon, man. I'm supposed to feel a great hatred and sense of rivalry with the Expos?

I'm not saying they don't have some fine players. Jose Vidro is a fine player. Nick Johnson is a fine player. Ryan Zimmerman will almost assuredly become a fine player. ...Tony Armas? John Patterson is good, but he's hurt. Chad Cordero, I guess.

C'mon, man. I'm not even trying to be insulting, really, and I can see why Expos fans in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area might hate the Orioles. It could be blamed on Angelos, probably. But really, why should I hate this team? Why should any of us? Did any of you really care if DC got a team?

But, hey, the games count, let's win and we can go, "Woohoo, a victory over our great rival, the Expos!"

Mike O'Connor has made four starts this year and has done pretty well for himself. He was a 7th round pick in 2002 out of George Washington. He is 6'3", 170, born in Dallas, and is 25 years old.

Benson has been pretty good so far for us, and pitching in this park against this lineup should be good for him. He was sharp against the Royals last time out. He's also a career .130/.176/.153 hitter.

I unfortunately will not see a single one of these games thanks to the cable war.

All jabs aside, the Expos have a fine site here on SB Nation: Federal Baseball. I recommend checking out our forced rivals!