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I could say, "Welcome to last place," but instead I'll just say, "Hello, Tampa Bay, welcome to fourth place."

The Angels cut Edgardo Alfonzo, and I'm thinking he might be worth taking a chance on. Yeah, he's 5-for-50 this season, but he can play second and third, and while Brian Bob and Melvin are both good, they also both have a tendency to get hurt. Alfonzo would simply be insurance, and allow us to send Fahey or Rogers back down for the time being.

Actually, I'm not sure that Alfonzo is even worth the time anymore, or that he's any better to have around than Fahey, who's not ready, or Rogers, who just isn't very good. But the thought crossed my mind that he might be a decent fit for our team right now. Maybe. Perhaps not. It's not something I'm petitioning for, let's put it that way.

So why did I even bring it up? In case we DO sign him, and he does OK, I'll look good later. If we don't, it just passed through my brain.