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Dear Chicago Cubs: Thanks for Corey Patterson!

Here are three sets of numbers:

  AVG       OBP    SLG    HR    RBI    SB/CS
 .235   .270   .294     0      2     14/2
 .284   .357   .432     5     25     11/1
 .306   .358   .504     5     18     15/1

Juan Pierre, Johnny Damon, Corey Patterson. Corey is streaky and can be frustrating still, but man, he sure beats Juan Pierre, doesn't he?

Of course Corey could go into a slump and have crap numbers like he did, I dunno, earlier this month when he was at like .250/.289, but for now he's hot and lookin' sharp. And his K-to-BB ratio is far, far, far, far improved at 19-to-8. His on-base percentage right now (.358) is better than his slugging percentage from last year (.348). And he's played a fairly decent center field, and been a big plus on the basepaths. Still makes a few dunderheaded plays or decisions, but you can't take the giant neck off the giraffe, y'know?

All that said, Corey has been our third-best pickup of the offseason, behind Kris Benson and Razor Ramon Hernandez. For as bad as this team can seem like it is at times, and for as crap as Conine and Millar have been, we did pick up three players that have been positive additions to the club, and we're only a few games under .500. Losing is still losing and 79-83 is the same as 60-102, really, but this team really should be worse than its record given the state of the starting rotation. So I guess it's not all bad. Then again, those things tend to catch up to you.

I hope you actually did find a compelling reason to watch or listen to or otherwise follow the O's game last night, because it wound up being plenty of fun. It's never not fun to drop a nine-spot in the ninth inning after you threaten to give up the lead in the eighth.