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Gameday Thread: O's at Mariners, 05/25

Rodrigo Lopez, RH Gil Meche, RH (1-7, 8.07) (4-2, 4.64)

Game time is 4:35 on WNUV.

Is it just me or is this four-game set at Seattle taking roughly 78 years to complete?

I kept saying that Roddy Lopez and Bruce Almighty God He Sucks were having a pissing contest to be the worst pitcher on earth, but I did neglect to mention Josh Towers, who was outrighted to Syracuse by the Blue Jays with a 1-8 record on a 9.00 ERA and 1.93 WHIP. Hitters were torching him with a .363 average. He had allowed nearly as many home runs (13) as he had struck out opposing batters (22). He gave up 73 hits in 45 innings. It is hard work to be that bad. Even Lopez and Chen can't match those numbers.

Then again, Towers got outrighted. These two ladies grown men who are pitching poorly are still in uniform for us. I did find the SportsTicker article a little strange, with its, "After signing three key free agents and acquiring two more everyday players via trade this past offseason, the Blue Jays expected to challenge the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees for supremacy in the American League East." The Blue Jays are two games back for the love of pete. Granted you should get rid of crapola performers like Towers before it gets any worse (if possible), and option Russ Adams when he's not worth a damn (which they also did), but I'm not sure the underperforming team is to blame. Good teams get rid of bad players all the time. Bad teams keep bad players because they have nothing to replace them with, or else just because their faculties are severely dulled, which is generally a fair portion of the reason they suck in the first place.

Gil Meche. Uh, I just don't have the energy at nine in the morning to get into anything about Gil Meche. He's Gil Meche. Gil Meche.

Rodrigo Lopez here has just got to go, though. Take the Towers situation, again. Terrible player, have fun in Syracuse. If we lost Rodrigo Lopez on waivers or had to just release him or trade him for one of those hilarious fake cans of peanuts that aren't really peanuts but are instead, you know, snakes jumping out of cans, except they aren't really snakes and I don't get why anyone would expect a snake to LEAP out of a can like that anyway, but whatever. The point is, Rodrigo Lopez not being an Oriole anymore on May 26 would be the end of...nothing. Rodrigo Lopez will not be on the next good Orioles team. With the way he's pitching he might not be a mop-up man on the next decent team for anyone. And it's not like he has some extensive track record to lean on, or even like he was any good LAST year, which Chen at least was and we re-upped on Chen so I get having at least a very small sliver of faith in him. Lopez stunk it up LAST year. Why do we keep a guy like Rodrigo Lopez around?

What can you do, I guess. He's here and I'm unfortunately 98.7 percent sure he's not going anywhere.

Goodnight, Seattle, we love you! Except totally not really.