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Gameday Thread: O's at Angels, 05/28

Kris Benson, RH Kelvim Escobar, RH (6-4, 4.62) (5-4, 3.60)

Game time is 3:35 on WNUV and KCOP.

Either Jered Weaver is real good or we just can't hit. Yesterday we gave Jered Weaver his first major league win and Tommy Murphy his first major league homer. And

So here's Kris Benson, our best starter. In fact, the only one that has been worth a half a third of a damned damn.

Kelvim Escobar has been pretty good this year. The Angels were really pretty bad before we went out there. Maybe like we've done for the Braves the last two seasons, we're rejuvenating the Angels and they'll go on a tear. We're a giving team!

C'mon, Kris, stop the sweep.