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Gameday Thread: O's at Rangers, 05/04

Bruce Chen, LH Kevin Millwood, RH (0-3, 7.27) (2-2, 3.89) SS B Fahey 2B M DeRosa 3B M Mora SS M Young DH M Tejada 1B M Teixeira RF J Gibbons DH P Nevin 1B J Conine 3B H Blalock CF C Patterson RF K Mench 2B C Gomez LF B Wilkerson LF N Markakis C G Laird C R Chavez CF A Brown

Game time is 8:05 on CSN and KDFI in Texas.

I do know Kevin Millwood. Millwood has an odd line. Fine ERA that has come about after four solid starts preceded by two pretty bad ones. He's walked seven people in 37 innings this year, and six of them were A's on April 24 over five, when he gave up no runs. His only other walk came on April 3 against the Red Sox. He's got a 1.43 WHIP and a .305 BAA.

It would be really nice if Chen had a good start today, because I'm starting to lose faith and quickly. I was worried about Chen and Mazzone as soon as we got Mazzone, but then I ignored that because Chen was very young last time he worked with Leo so I figured it was more that than the two of them not meshing or something. But Chen has sucked. He's averaging just over five innings a start and hitters are lighting him up (.321 average, 1.65 WHIP).

This is another short series, so today's it for us and the Rangers right now. The O's head to Fenway to take on the Red Sox for a three-game set next.