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Let's talk about the Orioles

Frustrations are starting to get voiced, and we're 33 games in.

I will say this because it's true: We do not belong on the field with the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees, and that is humbling. I mean, we haven't been as good as those teams in a long time, but we generally remained a pain in Boston's ass those years, and this year they're 6-0 against us. The Yankees dropped one in our lone series with them and then dominated us for two games, which pretty much started the current slide we're on.

Frankly, the Orioles don't really belong on the field with anyone right now. Since the win against New York, the O's are 3-12. If you're a glass half full sort, I suppose you can say that at least they aren't bothering to make us think they're worth a damn this year.

14-19 is not the worst record in the world, and a good team could overcome that sort of start pretty quickly and make a run. But if you've watched this team, they are not good.

Erik Bedard started good, and has been roughed up in two of his last three starts, raising his ERA to 4.54. Kris Benson, God bless him, is doing his best, but Benson has been good against Toronto twice and Tampa Bay twice. His other starts haven't been as successful, including yesterday's shelling at the hands of the Red Sox, raising his ERA to 4.89.

Cabrera has either been fantastic or utter crap (4.73), Chen has been horrible (8.42), and Rodrigo Lopez has been pretty damn bad himself (6.75), though he looks pretty good compared to Chen.

And the offense? It's painful to watch sometimes. It came up in the comments from yesterday's game, but let's put it up here too: This team has had zero plate discipline past Roberts, Mora and Ramon Hernandez. Tejada is still the ol' hacker he's always been, but he's hitting .380 and is our best player, so I'm cutting Tejada some slack. We know who he is, and the least he can do is be good at it, which he has been.

But Gibbons is hacking and past him and the others already mentioned, the team has been terrible at the plate. Patterson has been a bright spot and has a .299 OBP. Markakis has struggled, but he's a rookie. Conine and Millar have been a complete joke. Javy Lopez wasn't hitting worth a damn before he went on the DL.

When half of your lineup is completely worthless and all clumped together, you aren't going to win. That's just out after out after out and you're banking so heavily on the Roberts/Mora/Tejada/Gibbons/Hernandez section to hit, and sometimes Gibbons is of no help, and Hernandez has been slumping, and Roberts is on the DL, and so on and so forth.

This team is just hard to watch. There is absolutely no excitement involved with this year's Orioles.

I won't even start on the bullpen.

We're off today, and frankly, I welcome it. The last 15 games have been an abomination.