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Gameday Thread: Rays at O's, 06/10 -- Welcome to June, Let's Sweep

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Scott Kazmir, LH Erik Bedard, LH (7-3, 2.86) (5-4, 5.67)

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and FSN Florida.

Scott Kazmir is pretty much da man right now. Bedard, not so much. We know about Bedard's recent taking of the proverbial dump, so let's not get into it.

Kazmir has upped his Ks and cut the hell down on his walks. Over 69.1 innings this season, he's struck out 73 and walked 23, and is sporting a 1.33 ERA. He still walks a few more than you may WANT (mostly on bad days), and hitters are getting more hits off him than they used to, but injury aside nothing is stopping Kazmir from staying an elite pitcher for a long time.

The Mets traded him for Victor Zambrano. They are never going to live that down.