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Gameday Thread: O's at Twins, 06/10

Daniel Cabrera, RH Carlos Silva, RH (3-2, 4.66) (2-7, 7.76)

Game time is 7:10 on WJZ and FSN North.

Ignoring the statistics for a moment: This is possibly the biggest stylistic difference you could possibly have between two starting pitchers. Both are big dudes (Cabrera 6'7", 258, and Silva 6'4", 246), but that and being right-handed is about all they have in common. Cabrera is extreme K or BB, Silva is extreme ball in play.

But now let's talk about their seasons. Last year I compared Silva to Kirk Rueter where his success was almost unfathomable given his lack of stuff, but Silva had a really nice season in 2005: 9-8, 3.44, 1.17, walked nine batters in 188 1/3. This year he's already walked nine and is getting lit up bad. He fell out of the Twins rotation for a few weeks, but returned on June 4 at Oakland. He wasn't very good.

Cabrera walked nine people against the Devil Rays on April 12. He has walked 44 batters in 46 1/3 this season. He's walked 19 in his last three starts. Cabrera seems to be bristling at the constant harping on his walks, but look, walks aren't REALLY the problem. You can get by them. Nolan Ryan did. It's that his walks have GONE UP, and they were always bad to begin with. That's where my problem is, anyway. He's gotten WORSE with it. It's not just that he hasn't improved.

Should be...interesting.