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Gameday Thread: O's at Twins, 06/11

Erik Bedard, LH Francisco Liriano, LH (5-5, 5.84) (4-1, 2.44)

Game time is 2:10 on WJZ and Minnesota's WFTC.

Good news! We missed Johan Santana. Bad news! Francisco Liriano is the new Johan Santana. Liriano has electric stuff, and Twins fans can at least look forward, while they struggle, to the fact that there is still lots of good, young talent on their major league team already, what with Santana, Liriano, Mauer, Morneau (who will almost assuredly get a little more consistent soon enough), etc.

Bedard is like Newman to me now. Hello, Bedard. I give Bedard the most guff because he's the one I feel has the least excuse for his crappy performance.

Worth watching? Winning does not seem a likelihood, though it's certainly no impossibility, but it's the first of many chances you'll have to see Liriano against the Birds, and that's something.