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Fight Fight Fight: Fasano v. Kline

Who wins in a fight? I've chosen two 2005 Orioles with interesting personalities.

What a matchup. Fasano has that killer moustache, and Kline knows the cobra clutch. Sal has Pals, but Kline may in fact need no friends, and let's just count Sal's Pals out of the equation. Kline knows he is no Duke of Hazzard, but he doesn't seem to fear the law, necessarily. Fasano gets mad at the ground and throws baseballs at it, even at the expense of runs scoring.

Fasano has about 30 pounds on Kline, and he was born on the mean streets of Chicago, with Al Capone's henchmen firing off rounds from their tommy guns all around him. Kline is from Sunbury, PA, which doesn't sound as rough.