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Gameday Thread: O's at Mets, 06/16

Game Time: 7:10 | TV: CSN, SNY | Radio: WBAL
Erik Bedard, LH Alay Soler, RH (5-6, 5.69) (2-1, 3.33) 2B B Roberts SS J Reyes LF B Fahey C P Lo Duca 3B M Mora CF C Beltran SS M Tejada 1B C Delgado C R Hernandez 3B D Wright CF C Patterson 2B J Valentin 1B K Millar LF C Woodward RF N Markakis RF L Milledge P E Bedard P A Soler

Bedard! Bedard! Bedard! Erik Bedard takes his lazy junk out to meet the first place New York Mets today in this all-important interleague showdown. I am really not looking forward to this series, mostly because I really don't think we can win a single game. Not to be negative, but come on. These matchups are really not good for us. Tomorrow is Benson/Pedro and that's followed with Loewen/Glavine.

I've never seen Soler pitch, and I don't know a lot about him, so here's the skinny that I can gather from his profile page: He's 26, Cuban, and fat.