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Gameday Thread: O's at Mets, 06/18

Game Time: 1:10 | TV: CSN, WPIX | Radio: WBAL
Adam Loewen, LH Tom Glavine, LH (0-1, 7.84) (9-2, 3.31) 2B B Roberts SS J Reyes 1B J Conine RF E Marrero 3B M Mora CF C Beltran SS M Tejada 3B D Wright C J Lopez 1B J Franco CF C Patterson 2B C Woodward LF L Matos C R Castro RF N Markakis LF L Milledge P A Loewen P T Glavine

Yes, we're going for a sweep of the first-place Mets. They have been dreadful the last two games, but wins are wins. It's not my fault they've basically handed them over.

I hope Adam Loewen is taking notes while watching the opposing starters he's been facing. He faced super prospect Jered Weaver and got thoroughly outclassed, then Randy Johnson on a night where the Unit was on his game, Halladay twice, and now Glavine. He can certainly use these unfortunate mismatches to learn something, I suppose.

When Tom Glavine first went over to the Mets in 2003 and went 9-14 with a 4.52 ERA and 1.48 WHIP, I was kind of worried that he might not last long enough to hit 300 wins. But he's been solid since then, and this season even somehow has his K-rate up to levels not seen since, like, 1994. He's 40 years old and at 284 wins. Hopefully he'll get there and pretty much ensure his spot in Cooperstown, but I think he'd probably make it anyway, and he deserves to. Do you think there's anyone out there that honestly has anything bad to say about Tom Glavine as a ballplayer? What a great career he's had, rather quietly as he was always second fiddle to Maddux in Atlanta, and sometimes third behind Maddux and Smoltz.

But I want that sweep, so win No. 285 will have to wait. Let's go O's!