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Gameday Thread: Marlins at O's, 06/20

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: CSN, FSN Florida | Radio: WBAL
Dontrelle Willis, LH Daniel Cabrera, RH (3-6, 4.39) (4-3, 4.17) SS H Ramirez 2B B Roberts 2B D Uggla LF J Conine 1B M Jacobs 3B M Mora 3B M Cabrera SS M Tejada LF C Ross DH J Lopez RF J Hermida C R Hernandez DH J Borchard 1B K Millar CF A Amezaga CF C Patterson C M Treanor RF L Matos

Hey, the Marlins! You know who I like? Dan Uggla. The Marlins really have a bunch of solid young players, plus Miguel Cabrera is a damned hitting machine.

This should be a fun series, honestly. The Marlins are a scrappy bunch with a never-say-die attitude and I can talk about that for three days at the least. Their rebuilding efforts/firesales have both times at least been with purpose and strategy behind them, so I cannot consider them any great disgrace.

Plus Daniel Cabrera is pitching, and so is Dontrelle Willis. Should be a hoot tonight.