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Gameday Thread: Expos at O's, 06/24

Game Time: 4:35 | TV: MASN | Radio: WBAL
Ramon Ortiz, RH Adam Loewen, LH (5-5, 5.27) (0-2, 7.82)

Ramon Ortiz is one of my very least favorite players, on account of his time with the Angels where McCarver and his ilk would always be comparing him to Pedro Martinez. And I'd watch him, and I'd look at his numbers and all this, and I'd just be like, "...but he's not good." And I was right, because he's still not any good at all. He stinks, in fact.

Loewen is part of the Shealy trade rumors. I was over at Purple Row to see what Rockies fans were saying, and I think they'd be OK trading Shealy for Loewen. I'm OK trading Loewen for Shealy. I don't see Loewen as all that much of a prospect for a number of reasons. I understand his obvious gifts, but something just doesn't strike me right about him. Probably the walks. Maybe the injury history. But there's something else too.

Anyway, enjoy the game. Let's go O's!