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Building the Orioles

Sometimes these things come up where one of us will say, "That's the last thing this team needs," or, "What this team needs is..." but no one really expounds too far, myself included.

So, really, what would you do? And don't make it so vague as, "I'd trade for lots of really good young players, pitchers that strike people out and hitters with .400 OBPs." No shit you'd do that, so would anyone. It's not really reasonable, and you're working within the confines of whatever you think the O's budget is (we've never really gotten an understanding on that -- Angelos will dish out money for Tejada, Ponson, Javy and Palmeiro one winter, then nothing the next two) and also what's available in our system to trade, which is improving, but then again, don't you want to keep a lot of those guys? Or maybe you don't, I'm not you.

Would you trade Tejada? Would you build a starting staff around veterans that Mazzone may be able to pull something extra out of, which has really been his bread-and-butter over the year? Would you go young and rebuild from square one, accepting a few more years of losses? Is there anyone in another team's farm system that you would absolutely need to have?

Trade Loewen? Trade Bedard? Trade Cabrera? Trade Mora? "Small ball" or power? Pitching and defense or trying to construct a heavy lineup? Do you look for name relievers, build on young arms behind Chris Ray, or just go for scrap heap guys?

Now certainly I'm not asking anyone to look for a way to improve this team. You can't just say, "Well tomorrow I'd release Conine and Matos and trade for (x) and (y)." It's not happening. You know what I'm saying? MAN??

Anyway, have at it.

I'll tell you one thing I wouldn't do: I would not trade Miguel Tejada unless the package was sincerely outstanding. There's marketing and attendance to consider, and he's the only star we've got.