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Gameday Thread: Phillies at O's, 06/27

And we're postponed - DOUBLE HEADER TOMORROW, BABY! 1:35/7:05. The first double header in Camden Chat history!

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: CSN (BAL), CSN (PHI) | Radio: WBAL
Cole Hamels, LH Erik Bedard, LH (1-3, 4.41) (7-6, 5.09)

Erik Bedard is one sharp start away from getting that ERA below five! But this game means little to me now that we are no longer rivals with the Phillies. Now it's just interleague BS with that idiot Phillie Phanatic. I'd like to give that guy a good punch in the alleged nose.

Cole Hamels is a strapping young lefty from the greater San Diego area, born two days after Christmas in 1983, so if you want to know his age, figure it out, mathemagician! I'm not your subtraction dog. He made his major league debut on May 12 and has been solid enough so far, good K-rate and he's not giving up a lot of hits, plus his early control jitters (5 BB in 5 IP and 4 BB in 6.1 IP in his first two starts) seem to have been overcome. He looks like a keeper so far, but so do a lot of guys after six starts. Then again, the K-rate is legit encouraging (31 in 32.2).

The Phillies are kind of in the same boat as us: They stink and have a lame-o manager. But they do have Chase Utley. Now there's a cool guy. When I was in Orlando, my cab driver from the airport was a transplanted Philadelphian and we talked about the O's and Phillies and then the Devil Rays and Yankees and such. Nice guy. Big ups to that guy. But Ph the Phillies.