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Gameday Thread: Phillies at O's x2, 06/28

Game Time: 1:35 | TV: CSN (BAL), CSN (PHI) | Radio: WBAL
Cole Hamels, LH Erik Bedard, LH (1-3, 4.41) (7-6, 5.09)
Game Time: 7:05 | TV: CSN (BAL), CSN (PHI) | Radio: WBAL
Scott Mathieson, RH Kris Benson, RH (0-1, 4.22) (8-5, 4.06)

Talked about Hamels/Bedard yesterday.

Hey! Are you guys ready for TWO Orioles games in ONE DAY? Oh my - no less than 18 innings of double plays and runners left stranded on third with less than two outs! Oh man. Oh man, guys.

Mathieson is making his third career appearance and second start. He's 6'3", 190, 22 years old and from Vancouver. These foreigners are diabolical.

This is gonna be awesome. Let's play two!