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Gameday Thread: Phillies at O's, 06/29

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: CSN (BAL), CSN (PHI) | Radio: WBAL
Ryan Madson, RH Rodrigo Lopez, RH (7-5, 6.40) (5-8, 6.45)

Everyone spent a lot of the last few years saying Madson should be in the Philly rotation. Well, there he is, with his 6.40 ERA, shitty K-to-BB ratio, and fashionable nu-metal chin goatee. Fashionable if it was 1999! Oh burn on Ryan Madson. Up yours, Madson!

Rodrigo Lopez has gone from being about the worst pitcher on the planet to being rather passable of late. However it is true: When I crap on our pitchers, they go hog wild. So Rodrigo Lopez, you're a foul bum and you dress poorly, and also that fun summer 'do of yours last season was idiotic.

Honestly, I'll be pretty disappointed if we don't sweep. The Phillies are bunk.